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Photoshoot: Holly Stone UK Model at The Cave Studio

It’s been a while since the last blog post but I haven’t been idle. New Photoshoots, new models, new gear, new locations and new portfolio.

First I want to start with the model I am so excited to have worked with that it motivated me to pull my finger out and start blogging again – Holly Stone. We’d been trying to work together for some time and when we finally found a date that worked for both of us I am pleased to say it was worth the wait.

The Cave

With us both being so busy there weren’t many dates we were both available and when my preferred photo studio was booked up I had to look elsewhere. This is when I discovered The Cave Studio in North Acton. While not the best equipped studio in town the warehouse has been   converted to be a creative photographer’s playground. As well as coloured paper backdrops, there are a variety of different brick-walls, a fireplace with sofas and two outdoor areas (including the roof). The lighting equipment was basic with entry-level flash heads, light-stands and softboxes. I supplemented this by bringing a beauty dish and wireless flash trigger/receiver.

Holly Stone

When I first met Holly she had her hair in pigtails, wore a hoodie and looked a lot younger than her age. Her experience and maturity was evident though from talking with her, she very friendly and easy to talk to and had a good knowledge of modelling and photography. She also had clear ideas of what she wanted to achieve on the day which was a great help.

Once we got on set there was a transformation. Doing her own hair, make up and wardrobe she was able to change her look dramatically from scene to scene. When reviewing the proofs of the shoot people always ask me “is that the same girl?” We started out with 2-3 looks we wanted to try prior to the shoot but because Holly was so quick and nailed poses so easily we managed to get through those and more.

Holly was a great sport on set, giving 100% effort and a positive attitude to everything I threw at her.

What is very special about Holly has one of those faces that make you feel like you’ve seen her some place before. There are similarities with so many celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner and Katy Perry which make for a very commercial look. Her eyes also sparkle when they catch the light and have great texture and detail.

Holly also has a great range of poses while I did direct a lot of the time I could just ask her to cycle through poses and she delivered. Many remind me of recent covers on glossy mags such as Elle. Her figure makes everything she wore look great and she assures me that she is lucky enough not to have to work at it.

Holly was a great sport on set, giving 100% effort and a positive attitude to everything I threw at her. Even when we saw the weather was dire outside and I challenged her to brave the cold and wet for a “caught in the rain” look she didn’t complain and instead grabbed a bottle of water and emptied on her hair – what a star.

Combine the poses with the commercial face and great attitude and you cannot help but love working with Holly. I’m now left with the happy problem of having too many great frames to choose from and trying to cut down to the best few to edit.
I can’t recommend Holly Stone enough and look forward to working with her again.
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